Andrew Williams

Looking after the communities of Auckland

Independent Progressive Leadership

No Commercial Whenuapai Airport:

2007: Andrew's Mayoral Campaign Statement:

As Mayor of North Shore City I will:

  1. Oppose commercialisation of the Whenuapai Airbase
  2. Lobby the Government and NZ Defence to keep Whenuapai as a military airbase support for Auckland's security, civil defence, national interests, search and rescue, navy support etc
  3. Ensure there is full and open public consultation on this major issue, and that full social, environmental, health and economic reports are completed. This would include full disclosure on any planned flight paths and effects on the residents of North Shore City should the commercial airport advocates continue to pursue their project.
  4. Actively press for regular reliable public bus and train services to connect from the North Shore to Mangere Airport.
  5. Lobby Government/Transit etc or a harbour tunnel crossing to include rail links to the airport by 2020.

2010: Andrew’s Delivered Outcome:

At the very first meeting of the new Council in October 2007 I moved a resolution that North Shore City Council would no longer support a commercial airport at Whenuapai. This was passed and immediate steps were put in place to oppose any change from it being an airforce base.

We joined with the Whenuapai Airbase Action Group to lobby central government and in 2008 the incoming National Government announced that Whenuapai would remain as a military base and would not be used by commercial aircraft.

I then continued to negotiate with transport and roading agencies and with Auckland Airport to secure for improved public transport options from the Shore to the airport. This resulted in airport shuttle vans being approved to use the Northern Busway and for an Airporter Express public bus service to be introduced direct from the Auckland CBD to the airport. This in turn connects with the Northern Express so for the first time residents and visitors can take a public bus serve to Auckland Airport.