Andrew Williams

Looking after the communities of Auckland

Independent Progressive Leadership

Open Governance:

2007: Andrew's Mayoral Campaign Statement:

Too much council business is done behind closed doors in "CONFIDENTIAL" sessions. e.g. the Rosedale Pony Club public reserve was nearly lost to concrete a secondary school, without public consultation on this loss of reserve land.

Plans to build a $12.5 million Takapuna bus causeway from Byron Ave to Barry's Point Road have also been pursued by council behind closed doors, to the horror of local residents.

I believe the council needs to be far more transparent and open with its community.

2010: Andrew's Delivered Outcome:

90% of all council meetings and committee meetings this term have been held in open public and any confidential information has been released to the public agenda as soon as practicable.

A far better solution was found for the Albany Senior High School, which is now opened, leaving the long established Rosedale Pony Club unaffected.

The Takapuna bus causeway idea was cancelled.