Andrew Williams

Looking after the communities of Auckland

Independent Progressive Leadership

Integrated Public Transport:

2007: Andrew's Mayoral Campaign Statement:

We need to think a lot smarter when it comes to public transport.

Buses travelling around the city during the day with only a handful of passengers are a huge waste of resources. It would make far more sense to offer free buses for pensioners and beneficiaries between 9am - 3pm.

Also, with over 30% of traffic congestion in peak hour coming from "education" there should be free student travel between 9am - 3pm and $1 flat fares for students in peak times regardless of distance. This would greatly increase bus patronage and reduce traffic congestion.

2010: Andrew's Delivered Outcome:

Andrew lobbied central government to secure concessions for seniors travelling off peak, which subsequently saw this initiative being championed by the then Minister Winston Peters and the introduction of the Gold Card Pass.

Free off peak travel has made a huge difference to our seniors who are deserving of our support.

Reduced student fares and integrated ticketing on the Northern Busway and around the region have also resulted after deputations by our council.